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We Keep Your Engines Running
  • Marine Engines and Control Systems Specialist
  • Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility
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Our value proposition

We are top experts for marine and industrial engines and engine control systems - fast, precise, reliable.

Our knowledge is our key asset. We understand time is critical, and we support you 24/7. Whenever you may need us, wherever you may be, just tell us where and we’ll fly there.


PBM Ltd. was established in 1995 in the City of Rijeka, Croatia.

Since then, we have grown into a group of companies able to support our Clients wordlwide. Our workshops with local teams are located in Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey.



PBM Group's new web pages

Feb 24, 2021

Clear and efficient communication with the Clients, and market in general, is the most critical task for every company. COVID-19 pandemic stressed this fact more than ever. Our new web page provides our Clients and prospects with a simple and intuitive way to request urgent support, find our services, ask for a quotation, and learn more about us and our services. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

PBM Group's new web pages

PBM's Marine „Black Box“ to speed up root cause analysis for engine issues

Apr 26, 2021

The best innovation comes from the real need. Troubleshooting a problem on the vessel regularly requires dealing with several issues in order to isolate the root cause. Often it takes much more time than one would like and, even solved, sometimes leaves a bitter taste of success. Our “Marine Black Box” is a portable marine engine data logger, able to monitor and record up to 10 signals from vessel’s engines, in real-time. This means that we’ll be able to isolate and identify a root cause of the problem in a shorter time and with less effort.

PBM's Marine „Black Box“ to speed up root cause analysis for engine issues