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PBMSense® solution presented on WMF 2024 in Copehnagen

PBM Group's CEO, Mr. Aljoša Pavelin, presented PBMSense®, a cloud-based engine performance monitoring solution, at the World Maritime Forum 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

World Maritime Forum 2024, held on February 27-28, 2024. in Copenhagen, gathered more than 500 representatives from maritime industry.

PBM Group's CEO, Mr. Pavelin, presented PBMSense®, a cloud-based (SaaS) engine performance monitoring solution under development in PBM Group, which leverages a powerful combination of sensors, software applications, artificial intelligence, advanced communications, and cloud technologies to empower shipowners with proactive fleet management.

Mr. Pavelin pointed out that engine generated data is crucial for optimizing fuel efficiency, predicting maintenance needs, and improving overall operational efficiency for shipping companies, but such quantity of raw data can easily cause data overload if not handled, well, intelligently. This is exactly where PBM Group’s knowledge and experience in maintenance and repair of ship engines and engine control systems comes into play. PBMSense® solution will leverage real-time algorithms to analyze sensor data against reference values from the engine acceptance test report (shop trial report). By focusing only on critical deviations, this ensures stakeholders receive only actionable insights, eliminating data overload and maximizing the value of the information provided.

PBM Group is actively developing this solution in collaboration with its trusted partners. The next step is a pilot program with friendly users to gather valuable feedback and ensure a successful launch.